Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 year old Lovecraft and Jack in the Beanstalk?

This is not dated in the text, but the seller declares it to be 1898. The date begins Monday, 31 December - which does match.

Would 7 year old Lovecraft have enjoyed this production? Mixed thoughts - it was a"kids' show, but he was a kid. He was into all sorts of fantasy, and it did have a bit of the Arabian Night thievery to it.

Such a rare treasure, to have a 112 year old clipping preserved, it must have impressed someone to have held this clipping for so many years. A memory, now cast out to the Ebayeum.

At 7-1/2, I think this would have been tempting for the Phillips - considering Robert Morror lived across the street - to take young Howard, but we shall never know. It warms my heart to think of Howard watching this folderol fantasy, and so I will let that out weight my analytical thoughts and say yes.

Read the details!! (click and it should expand into a new window).

This Robert Morrow has long been misprinted as "Mr Manow" in some HPL letter transcriptions.

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