Friday, July 30, 2010

The Great Daylight Comet of 1910 and the Measles

"I saw Halley’s in 1910 — but missed the bright one earlier in that year by being flat in bed with a hellish case of measles!" (to Robert H. Barlow, 23 July 1936)

Chrispy does not know if the exact date of this measles attack has ever seen print. {Chrispy has not yet read every word printed about Lovecraft, but he's trying}. If so, sorry. If not, I believe this comet is the one, see below.

Therefore, Lovecraft had the measles starting about 15 January 1910 and it endured at least through 31 January 1910. Mr. Joshi (A Dreamer and a Visionary) says, "Elsewhere he states that he lost fifty-four pounds during this bout with the measles and nearly died."

The Great Daylight Comet of 1910

Out of the blue, so to speak, some South African miners happened to look up and spot a bright comet on 13 January 1910. It took several days for the wire services to pick up on this. It was as bright as Venus on 18 January, and just as quickly as it appeared it vanished. Gone by 30 January 1910. It was notable for it had a 50 degree long tail.

You should be able to click and see this fully in a new window.

Sky and Telescope article.

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