Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Dunwitch Horror

Dave just dropped me a note with some interesting information.

... found this info on the Dunwitch Horror books and the printings which a nice seller posted:

"The Dunwich Horror and Others" which was originally published in 1963 with a cover price of $5 and there were 3133 copies printed.

a second printing in 1966 ,2990 copies ,cover price $6.50

a third printing in 1970 ,4050 copies ,price still $6.50

a fourth printing in 1974 ,4978 copies ,price $7.50

a fifth printing in 1981 of 3084 copies at $10 which was also price stickered over at $12.95.

In 1984 there was a revised {by STJ - CP} and corrected edition issued which had new cover art (AH #169) which had a first ,second and at least third printing (printing numbers unavailable).

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