Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dunwitch Horror (Part Two)

This in from Michelle:

If anyone is trying to distinguish between the first three printings, there are some details in "Horrors and Unpleasantries" that help figure out edition points:

1. First printing ($5.00 price). Photo of HPL on back of dj measures 92mm x 111mm. Back dj flap lists Arkham House titles by HPL. No headbands on either end of spine.
2. Second printing ($6.50 price). Photo of HPL on back of dj is 92mm x 120mm this time. Back dj flap same as 1st. However, spine has cloth headbands in black and white thread, 14 or 15 sections of each color, alternating.
3. Third printing ($6.50 price). Photo of HPL same size as 2nd printing. However, instead of listing HPL's other Arkham titles on back flap of dj, instead there is a brief factual note about HPL. This printing also has headbands, but the alternating sections of black and white are fewer, about 9 or 10.


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