Monday, July 26, 2010

Lovecraftian- and Movie Star: Will Hart

The wonderous path that Lovecraftians take! Read on ...

This is the British PAL format VHS cover for "The Wizard of Speed and Time."
In the top left picture, it displays (on the right) Will (the non-hooded face), as he was helping friend Chris Coart carry the star of the movie, Mike Jittlov, in the parade sequence for the end of the film, during what took us over 30 or say takes to get just right!

Will goes on to say: This cover was fun for me.

Extraoridinary for movie business, note that Will got more "face space" - more than the face of Philip Michael Thomas, who was the biggest star working on the film.

This was Will's first film to get an on-screen credit; even though he didn't actually go full-time into the "business" until 1991 when he got into S.A.G., A.F.T.R.A (Screen Actor's Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Actors).

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