Friday, April 11, 2008

Unusual Roy Squires Edition of Cats of Ulthar

{from imagine-fx collection} Seller states: This beautiful item from Roy Squires private press is described by Roy as follows: “For no better reason than that for several years I wanted to do it, I have printed H. P. Lovecraft’s bedtime story, The cats of Ulthar. This pamphlet consists of eight pages of printed text from American Uncial types upon Gutenburg Laid paper, sewn into covers of De Wint, a paper hand made by Barcham Green. The edition is 200 numbered copies.” This hand set and tied limited edition is number 174 of 200. Printed in April and May of 1979. This rare item has been stored flat in a sealed box. Fine to Very Fine condition.
Comes in a protective envelope which has some toning.

{The title page is nearly indecipherable from this image, but it seems to say April/May 1979 & cpy # 194}

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