Saturday, April 05, 2008

Rare glimpse inside Weird Tales

1 Old Pulp, no front cover , Volume 31 No. 4 , April 1938
The seller states only:
The Devil Deals by Carl Jacobs
To Clark Aston Smith by H P Lovecraft


However, here is the full contents & cover from another source is also posted above.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Virgil Finlay

The Devil Deals
Carl Jacobi

To Clark Ashton Smith
H P Lovecraft

The Garden of Adompha
Clark Ashton Smith

The Temple Dancer
Seabury Quinn

The Singer in the Mist
Robert E Howard

The Eyes of the Mummy
Robert Bloch

Forest of Evil
John Reynolds

Cordelia's Song
Vincent Starrett

Dreadful Sleep
Jack Williamson

The House of Ectasy
Ralph Milnay Farley

Abandoned Bog
Joseph C Kempe

Death is a Temporary Indisposition
Max Brod

Nathanial Hawthorne

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