Friday, April 04, 2008

Stuart Gordon's "H P Lovecraft's Dagon" (2000)

I just had a chance to watch this for the first time. Contemporary horror movies are bloody, in that they show a lot of blood, spilled intestines, the insides of people which should not be seen except by a coroner. All that said, this is surprisingly low on the gore factor. A Brian Keene or Edward Lee book is far worse than the images Gordon shows.

Still, he has a tense and intense movie which moves along at a nice clip. It's definitely for the fan, though I'm sure it plays to the non-initiated.

I found that it smacked more of The Shadow Over Innsmouth than Dagon, per se. There's a smidgeon of Arthur Jermyn, too.

The requisite topless girls are featured, naturally. There are some jokes and pranks that Gordon also injects - though one has to look carefully. Crotch kicking jokes work in a horror movie as well as in "Home Alone."

All in all, the movie plays well as a nice diverting genre movie. Mr. Gordon is a good story teller. It will be a bit before I get to watch the commentaries - one of my favorite DVD features; I just love commentaries.

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