Monday, April 07, 2008

Bibliographic Listing From 1960's

(Epegana) A BIBLIOGRAPHIC CATALOG:CLARK ASHTON SMITH & H. P. LOVECRAFT Roy A. Squires - bookseller, bibliographer, printer, publisher, raconteur - issued twenty catalogs during his lifetime, and those catalogs have become treasured bibliographic and anecdotal references.This issue is an unnumbered catalog from the late 1960's being "...the largest collection ever offered for sale of the works of Clark Ashton Smith & H. P. Lovecraft".Roy Squires offered near complete collections of the book works of these two famous "Weird Tales" writers, including such pieces as "The Shunned House - bound by Robert H. Barlow & signed by him ", "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", "The Cats of Ulthar - initialled by Barlow" and Clark Ashton Smith's copies of Lovecraft books and an entire run of the works of CAS. Fascinating reading!This entire catalog was printed from handset type and is in as new condition.

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