Monday, April 07, 2008

Edith Miniter Tribute (1934)

Only 50 years old! So sad. Amazing that the string ribbon is still in tact.

(Epegana) IN MEMORIAM OF EDITH MAY MINITER "The Tryout" - Sept. 1934 Edith Miniter was one of the giants in Amateur Journalism in the early twentieth century and was a prime inspiration of the writing group - "The Hub Club". Both she and H. P. Lovecraft had a mutual high regard of each other's work and HPL is present in this memorial with a poem simply entitled "Edith Miniter"..."The mind too keen for any tomb to keep..." - H. P. Lovecraft. Item I-B-iii-35 in Joshi's bibliography A tiny chip at the lower right-hand corner of outer covers, folded for mailing, else fine with binding thread still attached!

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