Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lovecraft & Gang In Weird Tales (1939)

Here is a rare situation - a glimpse inside the pages of Weird Tales. Not eveyone can own a copy, or can afford to get a copy so this is a real time trip back nearly 70 years.
Besides the table of contents with nearly everyone - Bloch, Lovecraft, Kuttner, Moore, Zealia Bishop (=Lovecraft), Finlay, Hamilton, Quinn, Starrett, and a newcomer that made his own path: Manly Wade Wellman.
Bloch's story illustration has a subscript that states: A horrendous story of the Spanish Mein and an unscrupulous English pirate - a tale of the Elixir of Life, and horrible red arms that reached out of the sea.
I can't say I ever read a "horrendous" story by Bloch! It goes to show the purple prose of promotion of the day.
"The Wicked Clergyman" is alleged to be by Lovecraft.

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