Sunday, April 20, 2008

Heirloom Lost! & Kitten

From a postcard listed in Lovecraft's Letters to barlow (O Fortunate Floridian):

{18 August 1935} Sad History! I have lost something ... the little porcelain ball on the end of my watch fob - ... initials WVP ... it is about 60 years old (i.e. circa 1875}, & was my grandfather's ... I think I lost it in St Augustine.
{20 August 1935} Haven't found my watch-fob ornament yet.

Then Lovecraft moves from that subject to K.A.T.

{18 August 1935} There is a delightful grey kitten at the old fort with whom I played a long time yesterday. Just a double handful ... {elipsis original} I call him Pablo de Menendez y Aviles, after St. Aug's founder.

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