Monday, April 28, 2008

Lovecraft USA Trends: Google

Here I've run only the USA results. The smaller data base (compared to International) shows some oddities. That's why I added the news bullet points. The interest does seem to be waning. I'll wait until my 1300-th post to discuss my blog stats.

Here are the states. I think it's obvious that Rhode Island would be a primary area of googling. What surprises me is that Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee ranks so high. That is my region, and a small state like Kentucky with about 3 Million people really caught me off guard. The name "Lovecraft" is not a name one sees here.

I was worried that I might personally have skewed the numbers, but I think that's impossible. I don;t actually google Lovecraft often. "Chris Perridas" is more of interest to me, heh. Besides, look below at the cities - none of these three states register high.

In this report, obviously Providence scores high. Philadelphia and Boston are Lovecraft's backyard. College towns on the West Coast score high. Austin is a bit of a mystery sicne Texas was not a high registrant. Perhpas it's becuase of the language graph.

Lovecraft may be more popular among Spanish speakers than English. Lovecraft may have freaked! The young Lovecraft would be amazed, but the trending socialist 40-something Lovecraft may have chuckled.

Again, any comments on these trends would be of interest to the Google-Group - and to me.

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