Tuesday, April 22, 2008

George Sterling Letter

From epegana's collection: GEORGE STERLING // ORIGINAL HOLOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT // SIGNED - "THE SOWERS" // George Sterling now remembered as the prime mentor of Poet/Writer/Artist Clark Ashton Smith, and friend of Jack London, was once the Poet Laureate of California. Neglected now as poetic styles and the muse of academia shifted her fancy to "more relevant" poetic expression, the author's masterpieces of the Romantic era "A Wine of Wizardry" and "Duandan" are no longer in print, but I would urge the curious reader to seek out these pieces & experience the power and beauty that these "poetic spells" still hold for the reader after nearly a hundred years!In the meantime I offer a signed holograph manuscript of the author's poem "The Sowers" in blue fountain pen. This poem was penned upon "Bohemian Club" stationary - the private club where Sterling committed suicide in 1926. Folded for mailing, else fine.
I typed the poem as best as I could decipher it. **edit** Thanks, Casey, for your keen eyes! Corrections made.

The Sonora

Now it is April, and the phlox are out.
In Manitoba and the vast Ukraine
The {horses} of the sun go forth again,
And wide Dakota hears the plowing-shout.
No California plays against the drought
And on manchuria falls the chnageless rain.

The broken earth accepts the pregnant grain,
And now forget the winter and the doubt.
Slowly the clouds pass up the mighty sky
Where channeled azure deepens for their snow,
And softer winds are in the plowboy's hair.

Over the field he hears a crystal cry,
As the mad lark, with xxx wry xxx fenceless fields to sow,
Flings immemorial music to the air.

George Sterling

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