Monday, April 07, 2008

Derleth to Sonia (1970)

From the incredible "epegana" collection, now for sale and curently going past $100. This one will be stratospheric, no doubt. I hope to have time to type it out later, but it should expand in a large size in a new window if you click it.

LETTER FROM AUGUST DERLETH TO SONIA LOVECRAFT 29 August, 1970 A kindly, sensitive letter from Arkham House editor August Derleth to Sonia Lovecraft (Greene, Haft, Davis) entering the last year of her life. There had been some acrimony between Sonia & Derleth over Lovecraft rights and what Sonia could write about HPL, but as time went on and Derleth mellowed, they both realized that there was a bond between them that few ever had. Two legendary characters themselves in the lore of Howard Phillips Lovecraft!Letter is folded for mailing, else fine.

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