Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Breaking News from Laird Barron

Award Winner & Lovecraftian, Laird Barron, has new stories out now. He tells us, "I've a Lovecraftian tale called "The Forest," in Ellen Datlow's INFERNO anthology and a weird/horror story called "The Lagerstatte," in The DEL REY BOOK of SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY.

"Both are available at Amazon.

"I've another horror short in an anthology called CLOCKWORK PHOENIX, coming out from Norilana Books in July.

"The INFERNO anthology may be of particular interest to this group as it contains (not so much cosmic horror besides mine, but spooky nonetheless) a lot of dark, weird stuff. Mark Samuels, Lee Thomas, Joyce Carol Oates, among others."

OK, folks. Count your shekels and if you can swing it, support our 21st century Lovecraftians.

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