Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Robert E Howard (Lovecraft's friend) Image

From epegana's collection, who states:
THE HOWARD REVIEW #3 Edited & Published by Dennis McHaney From the "Golden Age of Robert E. Howard" (the 1970's) many, many REH fanzines came and went. My buddy Dennis McHaney published one of the better ones with his "Howard Review" and his enthusiasm continues to this day. This particular issue I thought especially interesting as it pictures REH on the cover bearing a side-arm and two of REH's lesser known tales "The Reformation of a Dream", and "The Beast from the Abyss"; also a poem entitled "The Soul Eater" facsimile reprinted from "Weird Tales" magazine. In addition is a brief feature entitled "The Illustrators of Robert E. Howard". Dennis M., experimented with various formats and this particular issue is chapbook size and very tidily printed.

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