Saturday, September 29, 2007

Real Life Cthulhu News: Strange and Eerie Happenings in Southeast Pacific Ocean

For the technical monograph, click here.

Scientists investigated the penetration of solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) in the surface waters of the south east Pacific (08–35°S, 142–73°W) from October to December 2004. The lack of life in that portion of the sea let the light penetrate up to 28 meters. A Dead Zone.

That's the real life science.

Professor Zoe Dyer, great grand-daughter of the late William Dyer, looked out over the vast expanse of ocean. Her hair tousled witht he wind and salt spray, and she barked an order to her graduate student, Jeff.

"Jeff, drop that sensor array in the next 5 minutes or we're going to miss our window. We have to find out what the Hell is causing this -all this death."

There was no response, and Jeff simply kneeled over the array pack mumbligh some gibberish.


The young man looked up at Dyer, and she screamed. His eyes were white as boiled eggs, unseeing, and drool drenched his beard. Beyond madness, he lept at Dyer. The last thing she heard as her throat was torn out was a gurgling, "Cthulhu phtagn, Cthulhu pftagn".

fictional excerpt (c) 2007 Chris Perridas. permission given to copy with reference to author.

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