Saturday, September 08, 2007

Interlude: 800 posts

When I started this little project about 20 months ago, I just wanted to collect my thoughts on Lovecraft. Have someplace I could go back and get materials to write a few essays. Maybe use as research for my writing hobby.

Along the way, the scope expanded. People started to notice. I got comments at first, then a few fan letters, and then other blogs started to refer to my notes. I started to have fun, then suddenly, it seemed to get serious. People actually coming to research things and find things they couldn't find easily elsewhere.

Then, one day I discovered that ebay was a Lovecraft time capsule. I would search ebay a few times a week and find museum pieces that should be at the John Hay Library, but instead quickly moving from one collector's hand to another, maybe not to be seen again for years. I wanted to keep track of these little items for my research projects one day, and so I captured the items into the blog. Now, I find other people are using these for their research. Hurrah!

Well, it's been fun meeting many of you. (Forgive me if I leave your name out of the list, becuase you're all valuable to me.) The new forum is a great place to talk - and I thank the new folks like Arne, Laird, Jack, Roger, and so many others. T. Peter has taught me much about Fortean connections to Lovecraft. Theo Paijans was so kind to share rare newsclippings. I can't count the number of authors who have let me reprint their stories and artists letting me reproduce their images at HPLblog - thank each of you for showing your art through the blog. Michelle, Maine may be Strange, but you're a dearheart. Hana's penmanship and knowledge is superb. Larry Roberts has already taught me more about books and book publishing than I could have dreamed. Peter Worthy, you're the Mythos incarnate! John Rowlands has been there from the beginning (Cheers!), as has Ian Derbyshire, and dear and special "Casper", and without "Megg" it never would have started. I owe you sooo, much.

As to the gang at +Horror Library+ who often joke about my little project, and wonder what all the fuss is about with Lovecraft, Chrispy says thanks for being colleagues - despite my crabbiness and contrariness.

Sometimes I'm challenged as to the relevance of Lovecraft. I'm faced off in a showdown - a gunfight - to defend Ech Pi El. I'm not his defender, and I can't always say he has relevance in today's world. He sure is influential, though. You make your own decision, folks.

So what about me? Back in 2002 I stumbled across HPL. I read his works and they were fascinating (I still like REH a lot, though). I noticed he used a lot of scientific language that was familiar to me as a chemist, and delved into his biography. That's the part that really fascinates me. His stories are eerie, nihilistic, and filled with puns and allusions that are neat to uncover, but his life is a terrific adventure.

Look, I'm far from being a "scholar", and my typing (as in typos) must irritate the crap out of yo, my readers. Just remember, I do this often at midnight or later, with weary and bleary eyes. It is a sideline, if you will. I also spend time with my other blogs, my +Horror Library+ duties, sending off manuscripts to be sold as my writing hobby very slowly turns into more than an avocation. Give me another 10 years, and maybe if old age doesn't keep creeping into my brain and bones, I'll get better at this. Heh.

OK, on to 1000 posts !!!

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Fran Friel said...

You're a prince and a scholar, my dear Chrispy...and loved by your HL pals!

And yes indeed, I can see that banner.

With Love and Respect,


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