Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Occult Lovecraft in The Grim Blogger

On Thursday, August 30, 2007 the Grim Blogger (click here) said (excerpts):

Fate Magazine: The Occult Lovecraft

I had the opportunity to pick up the current issue of Fate Magazine, featuring an article by Gavin Callaghan entitled “The Occult Lovecraft.” As one might expect from a journal specializing in stories of the occult and paranormal, the article focuses on the longstanding connection between Lovecraft, and those who believe he was in contact with some deeper reality. What it is not: an attempt at evaluating the merits of Lovecraft’s creations in a traditional scholarly fashion (a la Joshi or Price). What it is: an analysis of Lovecraft’s themes and their role in engendering ostensibly real believers of the Cthulhu mythos.

... Of most interest, I found his general overview of some of the more recent Lovecraftian-inspired occult products quite effective. The author discusses developments like the popular “Simon Necronomicon,” so common that it can now be readily in found in just about any Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore, as well as newer occult followers of Lovecraft like the Wisconsin-based “Cult of Cthulhu.” Callaghan mostly leaves his readers to draw their own conclusions, but the selective quotes from Cthulhu Cult leader and criticisms of Simon rightly suggest the hackish and even insane quality of those who try to turn Lovecraft’s creations into real systems of belief. ...

-Grim Blogger

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