Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lovecraft: 1898

Here are some anecdotes and events for 1898

? 1898: Lovecraft claims to have learned about sex this year when he is 8 years old. Is this after 20 August when he is 8, or is it after 23 April (when he is still 7)??

This is the year he becomes fascinated with science.

He apparently started to learn Latin.

This year he attempted dance lessons.

Sometime this year he had a nervous breakdown.

23 April 1898: Philips Gamwell born.

19 July 1898: His father (Winfield Lovecraft)dies.

20 August 1898: 8th birthday

? September 1898: Started attending Slater School

One suspects that the events are piling on Howard. His father dies, there is a new infant to be fussed over, he starts school, he learns about sex (because of the first new baby born into the family??) and there is a sudden nervous breakdown.

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