Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1972 (HPL, A LOVECRAFT TRIBUTE)

{This is a rather obscure item of Lovecraftiana but it is not 70 years old as far as I can tell. In fact if one goes to one reads this, "summer of 1972, and the first printing of 35 numbered hardbounds and 1000 self-covered volumes was sold out by summers' end. In September 1972, 500 copies of a 2nd printing were ordered, since the printer would only hold the plates for 6 months. These do not qualify as a 2nd edition, just as second printing because the only changes were two removals: the $3.00 on the top of page 2 and the note at the bottom of page 3 as to the 1000 limited print run.". (More, click here.) So, according to the editors, there were a few more than 2000 copies printed in 1972.}
The seller staes in part:
H P L : A tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft. (1890-1937). Entire contents copyright by Meade & Penny Frierson. All rights, including translation into other languages, reserved. This booklet is a non-commercial publication, published in the United States of America. No subscriptions; no future issues are planned. The artwork, articles and poetry are intrepretations and commentary upon such and acknowledgment is given to ARKHAM HOUSE, Publishers, Sauk City, Wisconsin...(the rest is about copyright and reproduction rights). so this is a 1 shot magazine or fanzine. {see notes above - CP} PUBLISTED IN A LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES INCLUDING 35 B0UND COPIES WHICH ARE NUMBERED ON A SPECIAL PAGE. 144 pages, magazine size. Mint, no marks, no tears, no stains, even the staples are not rusted. Maybe the white is not absolutely perfect but this mag is 70 years old. Some of the art credit: Steve Fabian, Tim Kirk, Dany Frolich, Herb Arnold. Some of the articles Robert E. Howard, James Wade, Hert Arnold, J Ramsey Campbell, Stuart Schiff, John L. McInnis III, Robert Bloch, Frank Belknap Long, E Hoffman Price, Fritz Leiber, George T. Wetzl, more.

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