Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fantasy Fan: October 1934

Seller States: Ultra Rare -- H.P. LOVECRAFT in THE FANTASY FAN -- October 1934 (issue #14)This is an original copy of the legendary THE FANTASY FAN.These rarely come up for sale because very few copies were ever printed, and fewer still remain -- I've heard some estimate that only a couple dozen copies of each issue remain. This particular 73 year-old copy is in great shape.Published by Charles D. Hornig, this is a special ALL H.P. LOVECRAFT ISSUE of The Fantasy Fan. This issue features BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP by Lovecraft, as well as Lovecraft's FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH and a chapter of Lovecraft's epic essay SUPERNATURAL HORROR IN LITERATURE. In this chapter, Lovecraft writes about Spectral Literature on the Continent.

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