Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fantasy Fan: December 1934

Seller states that this is an Ultra Rare -- H.P. LOVECRAFT in THE FANTASY FAN -- December 1934 (issue #16)This is an original copy of the legendary THE FANTASY FAN.These rarely come up for sale because very few copies were ever printed, and fewer still remain -- I've heard some estimate that only a couple dozen copies of each issue remain. This particular 73 year-old copy is in great shape.Published by Charles D. Hornig, The Fantasy Fan featured the original publication of H.P. LOVECRAFT'S epic essay SUPERNATURAL HORROR IN LITERATURE. In this chapter, Lovecraft writes about Edgar Allan Poe. This issue also contains an early fan story by author Robert Bloch (Psycho), "The Laughter of as Ghoul," and PROSE PASTELS V, The Passing of Aphrodite by Clark Ashton Smith, and more.
(You should be able to click on image and open it larger in a new window - CP)

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