Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dark Swamp of Chepachet: Found!

Yes. It has indeed. And you can read about it at JARETT KOBEK's blog. (Click Here).

There are many images. Kobek begins ...
The footprint of Howard Phillips Lovecraft in Rhode Island is surprisingly shallow: a plaque on the campus of Brown, a headstone & not much else.
But the discerning eye will find many traces of the gent from Angell Street. Often it happens with your knowledge– like returning home as a new Ulysses and being offered Lovecraft’s apartment at 10 Barnes Street and instead taking the one where Donald Wandrei wrote part of The Web of Easter Island. Other times, you find out years later– like discovering that your high school was on the same grounds as Lovecraft’s grammar school.
It accumulates over the years and then there’s nary a thing Lovecraftian you haven’t seen or done.
But there’s always more. We had, in particular, focused on the
Dark Swamp of Chepachet, RI, the hardest to find of all Lovecraftian locations.

More ... Click.

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