Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1979 - Whispers # 13 & 14

WHISPERS Magazine double issue 13-14, edited and published by Stuart David Schiff, in 1979. 128 pages.FRITZ LEIBER TRIBUTE ISSUEThis legendary fantasy and horror magazine pays tribute to the creator of Fahfrd and The Gray Mouser and other legendary fantasies in a giant double issue with contributions from a fine assortment of writers and artists (see scan of contents page), including a piece by Leiber himself, a great folio by Steve Fabian, and much more.It also contains the long awaited conclusion of H. Warner Munn's "HPL: A Reminiscence," which includes a photograph of Lovecraft furnished by Munn. Whispers is one of the greatest small-press publication of all time, and this is an exceptional issue.

{Try clicking on images to make the larger and more readable. - CP}

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