Tuesday, January 13, 2009

William Easton Loutitt: Lovecraftiana

This cache went in 4 bids at $22.49.

1968 "A Bibliographic Catalog of the Largest Collection Ever Offered For Sale of the Works of Clark Ashton Smith and H.P. Lovecraft" by Roy A. Squires.

H.P. Lovecraft article neatly taken from "The Esquire", January 1946: "The Ten-Cent Ivory Tower" by John Wilstach.

January, 1966 "Herald Review", featuring "H.P. Lovecraft: Genius of the Macabre" by Laurence Goldstein.

April, 1947 "Saturday Review of Literature". H.P. Lovecraft is mentioned in the article "The Phoenix Nest".

All of these items were previously a part of William Easton Loutitt's private library. Loutitt was a noted collector and the official archivist for the John Hay Library at Brown University from the 1950's through the 70's. A loose Loutitt's private library book plate can be found within the manilla envelope containing the article from "The Esquire".

All ephemera has been stored in protective manila envelopes, which are also labeled for convience.

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