Thursday, January 15, 2009

1925: The Gang's All Here

Lovecraft, Sonia, Klark Ashton, Long, Loveman, Goodenough, Kirk, Kleiner, Morton, Miniter!

The United Amateur #24.1 (July 1925)
Edited by H.P. Lovecraft
12 pages


* Clark Ashton Smith, "Apologia" (verse)

* substantial editorial by H.P. Lovecraft

* substantial column by Sonia H. Greene Lovecraft

* reviews of Clark Ashton Smith's Ebony and Crystal and The Star-Treader by Consul Hastings

* Frank Belknap Long, "A Man from Genoa" & "From the Catullian Fount" (verse)

* article on Samuel Loveman by Frank Belknap Long

* Samuel Loveman, "The One Who Found Pity" (fiction)

* Eugene B. Kuntz, "Through Tangle-paths" (verse)

* additional contributions by Arthur Henry Goodenough, Washington Van Dusen, Noah F. Whitaker

* news notes on George W. Kirk, Samuel Loveman, Rheinhart Kleiner, Lovecraft, James F. Morton, Frank Belknap Long, Sonia H. Lovecraft, Edith Miniter, and others

* This is a quality facsimile of the original. I do not know who produced this, but I purchased it from a dealer at WorldCon in 2004. A nice copy of this virtually unobtainable amateur press publication.

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Magister said...

And let's not forget Alfred Galpin (=Consul Hastings)!


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