Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well a month into 2009, and the worst economic disaster since Lovecraft was alive. Do you feel like him yet?

I sometimes wonder and paraphase the gospels: If all that Lovecraft ever did was written down would the world contain the books?

Collecting Lovecraft. Folks, if someone bought everything that I post, even Bill Gates would be broke. I think massive accumulations can't be done anymore, though I know many who are doing their frugal best to try in these harsh times. Bless them. Still, who few have the resources, and the space? Praise Gerry de la Ree, Roy Squires, August Derleth, Sam Moskowitz, Robert Weinberg, and unnamed others who've tried over the decades, and mostly succeeded.

I feel guilty getting what I do buy. Paper history is fragile and irreplaceable. An awesome responsibility to genrations to come.

Of course, e-media is only good ten years, so I sit back and think that one day google will be cashless, and all the years of blogger work I've done will go **poof**. Eh, easy come, easy go. However, some of YOU had better be copying from the blog, and saving this stuff, too, on your thumbdrives. PLEASE!

As we go into the next month, I think I have just enough energy left to make it to 2000 posts. Keep good thoughts for Lovecraft's memory, and stay tuned to see if I make it to #2000.


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Wilum Pugmire said...

The month is almoft over -- & it has been a very good month for this Lovecraftian. I've really found my way into ye Internet world and have found a few friendly sites where I've been meeting other Lovecraftians -- even people who read my books! It's cool to finally hook-up with my readers. Best news yet is that the people who organize the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival are plotting a mini-Lovecraft festival here in Seattle, beginning March 21st, to be held at ye Grand Illusions cinema house. I hope to be very involv'd with this if they have (as they do in Portland) author readings and panels on Lovecraft. Now that S. T. Joshi is living in Seattle I'm hoping that he, too, will be involv'd. I'm nearing completion of my new book, ye revised/expanded edition of DREAMS OF LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR. So -- thus far it's been a great year -- an eldritch year! :-}


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