Sunday, January 18, 2009

1937: Virgil Finlay, Lovecraft & Barlow

Science-Fantasy Correspondent #1.3 (March-April 1937)
Edited by Corwin F. Stickney
44 pages
* H.P. Lovecraft, "In A Sequestered Churchyard Where Once Poe Walked" (verse)
* R.H. Barlow, "St. John's Churchyard" (verse)
* cover art by Virgil Finlay
* fiction by Robert A. Madle and Philip Sutter
* articles by Oliver E. Saari, Jack E. Fry, and John C. Sidenius
* full-page ad for Weird Tales
* ads for The Phantagraph, and others

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OCONNOR,CD said...

I am proud to say that this magazine now rests in my private collection. My name is Charles D. O'Connor III, I am 26 and live in Virginia.


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