Wednesday, January 14, 2009

John B Michel article (1940)

Just three years after Lovecraft's death, his legacy was beginning to form. Chrispy has not seen the text of this. Michel (1917-1969) wrote under the pseudonyms: Alan Barrister, E.J. Bellen, Edward Bellen, Hugh Raymond, Louis Richard, Lawrence Woods. Donald A. Wollheim and John B Michel founded the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA).


The Science Fiction Fan #50 [5.2] (September 1940)
Edited by Olon F. Wiggins
20 pages


* "Some Further Notes on Lovecraft," John B. Michel (6-page essay)

* "Vagabondia," Robert A.W. (Doc) Lowndes

* other contributions by R.D. Swisher, "The Scribe," et al.

* full-page ad for The Denvention

* plus art, notes, etc.

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