Friday, January 16, 2009

Continuity Issues

Early 21st century interest in Lovecraft and his compatriots was still going strong.


Continuity #10 (New Series) (February 2002)
Edited by Scott Connors
22 pages
* 2 previously uncollected poems by Clark Ashton Smith
* "A Legend of Yesterday," Donald Wandrei (fiction)
* "The Sorcerer Returns," Richard L. Tierney (verse)
* "Dreams and Fairies," Algernon Blackwood (essay)
* Mencken on Blackwood
* essay on H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith by Robert Allerton Parker
* essays on Clark Ashton Smith by Scott Connors and John Franklin Engle (1917)
* review of John Long's Mountains of Madness by Peter Cannon
* letters from S.T. Joshi, Kenneth Faig, Ben Indick, and others
* art by Clark Ashton Smith


Continuity #9 (New Series) (February 2001)
Edited by Scott Connors
28 pages
* Clark Ashton Smith, "Brumal" & "Give Me Your Lips" (verse)
* a letter to Smith from H.P. Lovecraft
* "Recollections of Clark Ashton Smith," Sam Sackett
* "Clark Ashton Smith to George Sterling," Donald Sidney-Fryer
* Interviews of Clark Ashton Smith and E. Hoffmann Price by Henry Kuttner
* essays on Smith by Scott Connors and Robert Baker Elder
* additional contributions by Peter Cannon and Henry Dumont
* letters from S.T. Joshi, A. Langley Searles, Ben Indick, Alan Gullette, and others
* reviews of works by Lovecraft, Kipling, Chambers, Machen, and Miniter
* photos, art, and more...


And from 1976 ...

Continuity #1.3 (May 1976)
Edited by Scott Connors
31 pages
* "Appreciation," H.P. Lovecraft? [this poem was published in the June, 1921 issue of The Wolverine, under the byline "James Lawrence Crowley"; there is a 2-page explanation from Connors as to why he believes HPL was actually the author]
* "A History of Lovecraft's Charleston," H.C. Koenig (essay/letter)
* list of errata in L. Sprague de Camp's Lovecraft: A Bibliography
* "On the Science-Fantasy Correspondent," Willis Conover
* Lovecraft bibliographies by George Wetzel
* "Fantasy Writers on Film," J. Vernon Shea
* "Famous Lovecraftian Last Words," Fred C. Adams Jr.
* short letters from: Ray Bradbury, Robert Silverberg, Fritz Leiber, Frank Belknap Long, Robert Bloch, Glenn Lord, and others
* cover art by Joseph A. West
* book reviews...and more...

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