Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Causerie (1936) and L'Alouette

Causerie [unnumbered] (February 1936)
Edited by E.A. Edkins
14 pages
* H.P. Lovecraft's poem "Continuity"
* short review of Lovecraft's The Cats of Ulthar, pulished by R.H. Barlow's Dragon Fly Press (compares HPL to Oscar Wilde)
* 3-page review of Frank Belknap Long's The Goblin Tower, also published by Dragon Fly Press (some of the text for this publication was hand-set by Lovecraft)
* short article on Hyman Bradofsky
* additional reviews and articles

L'Alouette: A Magazine of Verse #1.1 (January 1924)
Edited by Edith Miniter, Howard P. Lovecraft, W. Paul Cook, et al.
40 pages
* 2-page review of Clark Ashton Smith's Ebony and Crystal written by H.P. Lovecraft
* full-page ad for The Crafton Service Bureau (Lovecraft & Morton)
* 2-page poem by Samuel Loveman
* poem by Arthur Henry Goodenough
* poems by Nelson Glazier Morton, Jennie E.T. Dowe, Michael White, Ada Borden Stevens, Bertha Grant-Avery, Mary Morton Zeigler, Edna Hyne, Edith Miniter
* additional reviews, articles and ads

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