Friday, January 09, 2009

Lovecraft Postcard Recently Surfaces

This one had 32 bids and went for $560.00. Whew! You have to pack the cash to come to a Lovecraft auction these days. Below are details.



HPL was having problems with his ink flow as the ink contrast is uneven and sporadic; however the greeting is still quite readable. HPL makes mention of the warm weather (one of his favorite topics in cards & letters) "...glorious warm weather! Foliage more turned in Boston zone than in R.I." and his traveling with Cook and another friend, to a place south of Boston that he had never been to before.."A friend (who was this friend? tmv) took Cook & me to a splendid scenic region ...I had never seen before. He also notes discovering Newburyport (Innsmouth!), ..."Newburyport is about as quaint & ancient as any town I've ever seen." He congratulates Clark Ashton Smith upon his recent publication ... "read 'Beyond the Singing Flame' in W.S. Congratulations! " - approximately 100 words in Lovecraft's hand. Paul Cook had a bit better luck with the pen slightly uneven but still quite readable after seventy-five years and comments upon Smith's work "...I have been following your work closely since you broke into fiction, and only wish that for my own pleasure you had started sooner". Approximately seventy words in Cooks' hand with his signature.

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Magister said...

That is indeed a lot of money for a postcard, even by HPL. But I guess that the identity of receiver played a part in the high demand for it as well.


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