Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovecraft's Legacy in 1941

Derleth, again, working hard to place a notable reference to Lovecraft everywhere he could.

FMZ Digest #1.1 (February-March 1941)
Edited by Arthur Louis Joquel II
12 pages
* "A Wreath for Lovecraft," August Derleth
* "Future of Science Fiction," Clifford Simak
* "Wells of Wisdon" [H.G. Wells] & "Adumb Linx Meets Aunty Science" Forrest J Ackerman
* "Notes on Devil Worship," Robert A.W. Lowndes
* "Science Fiction & Dictatorship," J. Harvey Haggard
* "Witch Wine on the World," Lou Goldstone
* "Dialectics Versus Entropy," Bowen Conway
* "The Shock Supreme," Eustance C. Bildgewater
* plus Bob Tucker, Milt Rothman, D.R. Smith, Fred W. Fischer, Joquel, et al.
* and some art

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