Friday, January 23, 2009

Lovecraft on the Occult & God

On this day, 23 January 1931, HPL wrote to Lovecraft in part: As for the "occult" - I don't see any reason the change my views concerning the rlative probablility of explanations of reported phenomenoa. ... I have had thousands of impressions of unreal phenomena - false memories ... have given the careful study - almost invariably tracking down the real sources of the impressions ... I have likewise accomplished similar tracings of the bizarre impressions of others ... as for "God" ... absolutely nothing indicates such a thing.


Anonymous said...

HPL wrote to Lovecraft? Is that correct, or was he writing to someone else?

Chris Perridas said...

Oh my. I'll pull out the reference and fix this. Sorry.

Although I think it was to Derleth.

Thank you for alerting me.


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