Saturday, November 01, 2008

Signed by Derleth, Lovecraft, and Asbury

The seller states (costermongerstu): Here is a Lovecraft item. It is a library copy of the 1st edition of this excellent horror anthology. OKAY, why would I list at very worn library book at $2500??? Well, the major reason is its being one of only two collections I have seen that contain a Lovecraft story and having been SIGNED by Lovecraft. The second reason is that it is the ONLY book I have ever seen containing tales by Derleth and HPL and being SIGNED by both. (I have been a very serious Lovecraft collector for over 40 years! )And, as an added extra, it is also SIGNED by its editor, Herbert Asbury! And if this book could speak, what a tale it would tell. Remember this is 1928, and it was signed by all three of these gentlemen in a nine-day journey from New York to Providence to Sauk City. HOW did it end up in a circulating library if the owner had consideredd it so important? We will never know. ANYWAY, other then the worn and torn covers, the internal pages are good-VG.

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