Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rheinhart Kleiner

The seller of the item states: Description: "PEGASUS IN PASTURE: Latter-day Limpings of a Light Versifier" By Rheinhart Kleiner; Printed by W. Paul Cook /// If you have any interest in Howard Phillips Lovecraft you undoubtedly know the name W. Paul Cook - printer & publisher of HPL's stillborn 1st book - "The Shunned House". Rheinhart Kleiner may not be as well known to you as W. Paul Cook, but Kleiner was one of HPL's earliest buddies and helped bring him into Amateur Journalism and out of his sheltered life. /// Paul Cook was a printer by trade and a fine one at that; all his books & booklets are well printed upon good paper and well sewn. Indeed, nearly seventy years later his publications are eagerly sought collectibles in the field of HPLiana! /// "Pegasus in Pasture" is a collection of fourteen poems. /// Handsome booklet with a few minor snags at cover edges.

{Printed After 1943}

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