Tuesday, November 11, 2008

News from the Mountains of Madness

Very sad - after the fact.


However, notice the resilience of the cthulhu-tribe.


August 10 2006

Two dozen penguins, an octopus and some tropical fish were scattered along a Texan highway this week after a truck transporting zoo animals overturned into a ditch.

One penguin died in the crash (oh no!) and three were killed by oncoming traffic (Ia!) , authorities said. Another penguin broke a wing. Most of the fish survived and the octopus appeared unharmed. The octopus and fish were being transported in plastic bags and some fish died when the bags burst, said public safety trooper Richard Buchanan.

The animals were being moved from the Indianapolis Zoo to Galveston.


And what insidious things happened upon the escape of the cthulhuite? Did the truck driver see a strange, warped, oblique shadow? Were the fish deeply in worship to the multipod, and chanted in round-fish-lipped homage? And what secrets did the penguins know, that they had to suffer for?

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