Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nikola Tesla in Providence

I did find a brief excerpt:

Blower designed by Tesla, manufactured by the American and British Manufacturing Company, and sold to the Corliss Steam Engine Works foundry in Providence, R.I., placed into service November 1909. "The blower is driven by a 75 HP #8-B 'HF' frame motor, three-phase, 220 volts, 60 cycle, 2-pole, with starter." (From Westinghouse letter dated June 28, 1909.) The machine operated at approximately 3,400 RPM. citation.

Lovecraft would not have missed, and been keenly interested (and perhaps scoffed?) at this newsarticle. I don't have a copy of the text, however. How to Signal to Mars : Wireless the only way now, says Nicola Tesla - Mirror plan not practicable - Nikola Tesla NYT News Clipping Editorial written by Nikola Tesla to the New York Times in May 1909.

Tesla believed that Mars was inhabited and his 1899 experiments convinced him that he'd heard some kind of voices on his wireless.

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