Friday, November 14, 2008

1969 Derleth Letter

OK, this isn't about Lovecraft. However, it is a facinating bit about Derleth. :)


August Derleth
Sauk City, Wisconsin
1 November 1969
Dear Ross Rocklynne:

Forgive my delay, but I've been in the hospital - - 87 days, 4 operations, pneumonia & half a dozen – itises - - I'm just learning to walk again. They thought I was going to cash in my ships, but, as one dr. put it, "he's a tough old bastard!"

Yes, indeed, both Tower and Pyramid owe you money. But this is owed through Farrar, Straus, with whom you made direct finacial arrangements. On all my other anthologies I am responsible to my contributors; on this one, since the stories are original, FS took over personal arrangements with each contributor. Get after FS to whom payment must certainly have been made; and remind them of the finacial arrangements.

Best Wishes, cordially,

August Derleth.

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