Saturday, November 29, 2008

Samuel Loveman's Hermaphrodite On Auction

Description by seller:
"THE HERMAPHRODITE" - By Samuel Loveman
H. P. LOVECRAFT's Personal Copy
Inscribed from Publisher - W. Paul Cook to Howard P. Lovecraft
Books from Howard Phillips Lovecraft's library are heavily prized by collectors and because this title was printed and published by his close friend W. Paul Cook it becomes even more desireable. Willis Paul Cook also printed Lovecraft's stillborn book 1st book -"The Shunned House" - that was not published during either of their lifetimes.

The Hermaphrodite" was written by another of Lovecraft's friends, Samuel Loveman (Loveman lived with HPL in New York). Loveman was a fine poet who and also a friend of Clark Ashton Smith, introducing HPL to Smith's poetry in 1922.

With the multiple associations and the personal inscription from W. Paul Cook to Lovecraft, this makes for an especially desireable volume from Lovecraft's own library!

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Magister said...

That's "William", not "Willis". I think.



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