Friday, November 07, 2008

H C Koenig: Tribute to HPL (1953)

The text should be readable if you click the image above.

The seller states: Description: "BEHIND THE INSCRIPTION" - by H. C. Koenig // Published in "The Fossil" , October, 1953 /// H. C. Koenig's (1893-1959) expertise as a book collector and bibliographer led him to the writings of William Hope Hodgson and his correspondence with Howard Phillips Lovecraft led him to the fabulous fictions of William Hope Hodgson...and as they say the rest is history. In this three-page article Herman C. Koenig recalls some of his favorite book anecdotes and his lengthy career in books hob-knobbing with the likes of HPL - "All these letters, books, and acquaintences revolved around one man, Howard Lovecraft, a man whose death affected me almost as much as the death of a member of my own family"...I corresponded and became acquainted with W. Paul Cook, August Derleth, Donald Wandrei, Frank Long, Clark Ashton Smith, Fritz Leiber, E. Hoffmann Price..." and others.

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