Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Werewolf in The Shunned House

In Shunned House (circa 1924), one passage stands out on werewolves.

“I wondered how many of those who had known the legends realized that additional link with the terrible which my wider reading had given me; that ominous item in the annals of morbid horror which tells of the creature Jacques Roulet, of Caude [1], who in 1598 was condemned to death as a daemoniac {sic}, but afterward saved from the stake {burning} by the Paris parliament and shut in a madhouse. He had been found covered in with blood and shreds of flesh in a wood, shortly after the killing and rending of a boy by a pair of wolves. One wolf was seen to lope away unhurt.”

It is strange that Lovecraft had no issue that an apparent werewolf was the ancestor of a vampire. However, he was no doubt going for legends and atmosphere, and not a technical genealogy of monsters.

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