Tuesday, July 29, 2008

THE TRYOUT- November, December, 1921

THE TRYOUT- November, December, 1921
edited by Tryout (Charles W. ) SmithPublished by Tryout (Charles W. ) SmithThis issue(s) of "The Tryout" bears the cover date "Dec 1921". However, it is actually two issues, both November and December... and I don't know why? H. P. Lovecraft is present in three of his pseudonymic guises - "L. Theobald, Jun.", "Ward Phillips", and "Jeremy Bishop" with the poems "To Mr. Galpin, Upon his 20th Birthday", "Sir Thomas Tryout - Died Nov. 15, 1921" (the cat that hung around 'The Tryout' press - T. McVicker) and "Medusa". Three presentations by Howard Phillips Lovecraft in the same issue! Nice copy with original string-tie present; folded for mailing.

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