Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July 1908

Though young (17 year old) Howard probably didn't celebrate the holiday - unless he sang hymns to England - we'll look back 100 years and see what others were sending. :)

This card is claimed to be an early divided back card with an artistic depiction of an exultant Lady Liberty literally wrapped in the flag, with long, flowing hair and a firecracker in one hand and a flare gun in the other. The caption reads "Miss Liberty, At Dawn's First Peep. Awakes The Echoes From Their Sleep." It's image copyrighted by Charles A. Bates in 1908. It was one of a series of four showing Miss Liberty at different times of the day. This card was published by the Photo-Color-Graph Co. of New York, 200/1. It was sent to Zumbro Falls, MN in 1909. {A bit late - CP}

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