Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lovecraft's Circle: 1949-1952

Remember that after the H-bomb, Fantasy "weird tales" suddenly split genre. Sci-Fi was arguably far more important to fans than horror. What were Lovecraft's circle of acquaintances to do? They were now professional writers, and the demand had to be met.

The Fanscient is a perfect example. Look at the "names" who contributed including David Keller, and George Wetzel. The blurbs below are from the seller:

The Fanscient No.7 Spring 1949. Published by the Portland Science Fantasy Society Donald B.Day editor. Cover by D.Bruce Berry. Articles and stories - A Tale of the Olden Gods by Geo.Wetzel. Classics of Fantasy - O.G.ESTES. The British Prozines by Kennith F.Slater. Checklist of Brit SF Magazines. Book Reviews by David H.Keller. Short Story - Amnesia by Len Moffatt. and more 32 pages offset. A very important zine. This is the cover that got PSFS in trouble with the post office.

The Fanscient No.11 Spring 1950. Published by Donald B.Day publisher & editor. Cover by Forest G.Davis. Articles and stories - J.Allen St.John, Dean of Fatast Illustrators by Darrell C.Richardson. (Classics of Fantasy) Out of Legend - ISHTAR - MILES EATON. The Armchair Snowman by Kennith F.Slater. AUTHOR! AUTHOR! Theodore Sturgeon . Book Reviews and more. 32 pages offset. A very important zine.

The Fanscient No.12 Summer 1950. Published & edited by Donald B.Day editor. Cover from the film Destination Moon. Articles and stories - Out of Legend - BABD GATHA by Miles Eaton. FIRST MEN TO THE MOON - 4SJ Ackerman. Author! Author! Anthony Boucher. Index to the Works of David H.Keller. and more.

The Fanscient No.13-14 Spring - Summer 1951. Published & edited by Donald B.Day editor. Cover by Miles Eaton. Articles and stories - Out of Legend - HATHOR by Miles Eaton. Fantasy Art & Illustration Hannes Bok . When Fools Come In by Kennith F.Slater. Author! Author! L.Sprague DeCamp. and more - 64 pages offset. Double issue.

Four issues of this important Science Fiction Fanzine of the late 40's & early 50's. All are in NF condition.

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