Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fantasy Magazine September 1934 Second Anniversary Issue w/ Julius Schwa

In a 25 September 1934 letter to Barlow, HPL said, "... I suppose you know there will be a tale by Merritt - "The Drone" - in Leedle Shoolie's {Julius Schwartz} September Fantasy."

Lovecraft was an avid follower of this magazine. Some rare interior shots included below.

FANTASY MAGAZINE Sci Fi Fanzine 1934 Julius Schwartz

The seller states: Fantasy Magazine – The Digest Of Imaginative Literature September, 1934 Second Anniversary Issue. Magazine features such notable names as Julius Schwartz (Editor), Mortimer Weisinger (Associate Editor), and Forrest J. Ackerman (Scientifilm Editor) who not only produce the digest, but also contribute stories!....Incredible, even has the subsciption insert!!! How many of these do you think still exist? Magazine is complete and is in VG condition (no interior damage).....just has handling wear….nice supple page quality.....pages are not loose even though it looks like some pages are hanging out.... item is just very delicate. ($299.00)

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