Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lovecraft Autograph

{This one is just an envelpe, but anything with HPL's signature is interesting. It helps compare handwriting, and strengthens his timeline of who he wrote to, and when.}

The seller's notes:
His signature as part of the return address on a postal cover postmarked at Providence, Rhode Island, Jul 27, 1928. Certificate of Authenticity from Pages of History provides a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We are full time autograph and document dealers registered with the UACC (#036), and members of the Manuscript Society.

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Kousmichoff said...

I checked to see if Kirk's place was still standing, but it's been demolished some time ago (like Sonia's apartment building here).

This furthers my theory that Cthulhu is slowly erasing the places where Lovecraft visited in his life.

It's the first stage in the Old One's plan: to erase Lovecraft from human memory...

...because H.P.L knew the score!


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