Thursday, July 03, 2008

Image of Tryout Smith Surfaces

More sell off of collections means more rare items briefly show up on the ebayeum. This set of images are of the Tryout, and the seller has some interesting anecdotes (below).


{From epegana} March, 1917Edited & published by C. W. (Tryout) Smith. Beginning at the age of sixty-two in 1914, C. W. Smith published more than three hundred issues of "The Tryout" until aged ninety-six, in 1948. Each & every issue was set by hand one letter at a time - a remarkable tribute to the man's endurance and dedication. C. W. always had weak eyesight and his many typos can be attributed to the simple fact that he just couldn't discern when a letter was mis-trayed or inverted, certainly not a lack of desire to do quality printing. This is an excellent issue featuring two appearances by H. P. Lovecraft: "Pacifist War Song-1917" by Lewis Theobald Jr. (HPL) and "To Mr. Lockhart On His Poetry" by H. P. Lovecraft. Additionally there is a poem dedicated to HPL from Chester P. Munroe, entitled "To H. L. My Friend", and poetry by Arthur Goodenough, Winnifred Virginia Jordan and others. A fine, near very-fine unfolded copy with the string-tie still attached. The addition of a copy of the scarce (rare in this condition!) "Tryout" with HPL appearances, adds luster to an Arkham House collection! (Please note that the photograph of C. W. Smith at his job tray is NOT included in this sale.)

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